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  1. 1 hour assistance to get your quote

    1 hour assistance to get your quote


    You have any software, trading robot, indicator,etc to order but you do not know how to specify it to our developpers?
    Or you do not want to spend times writing specifications?
    Or maybe you need advices on the best technological solutions?

    Book one or several consulting hours and one of our specialists will get in touch to help you.

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  2. Action Future: 2-year subscription

    Action Future: 2-year subscription


    Discover new technical investment:
    Subscribe now and find a unique and irreplaceable source of information on technical analysis, fundamental analysis and intervention techniques in order to deal with stock market investment with strategy method, precision and efficiency.

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  3. OCO Orders


    Regular Price: £50.00

    Special Price: £45.00

    «OCO Orders » is an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader; thanks to it, you will place some « One-cancels-the-other » easily and safety!!

    Here is a presentation of OCO orders and you can also watch OCO orders in action thanks to two video-clips!

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  4. MQL4 pour les nuls

    MQL4 pour les nuls


    TITRE DU LIVRE: Programmer en MQL4

    250 PAGES

    Apprenez à automatiser vos stratégies sur MetaTrader 4. Cet ouvrage est le premier guide de programmation en MQL4 en français. Grâce à ce manuel, vous pourrez apprendre à programmer vos stratégies, modifier des codes existants ou encore tout simplement comprendre la logique derrière certains experts consultants.


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  5. Consulting: Choix d'une plateforme de trading

    Consulting: Choix d'une plateforme de trading


    Le choix d'une plateforme de trading est une variable indispensable à prendre en compte lors de l'elaboration d'une strategie de trading. Chaque plateforme a ses avantages et inconvenients. Pour arriver à une stratégie qui tient la route, il est evident de prendre en compte cela! Fort de notre experience dans le domaine, nous proposons du consulting pour vous orienter vers le meilleur choix possible!

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  6. Logo

    Pegging Order EA MT4


    Pegging Order EA is an expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 which allows trading pegging Order directly on the chart.

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  7. AlphaTrader



    Out of stock

    AlphaTrader is a trading platform connected to LMAX exchange servers.

    You can request a trial version here.

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  8. Research and Development

    Research and Development


    You would like possess a Research and Development Team but you are not able to hire full time staff?

    Our Research and Development solutions is made for you! Just select the monthly hours you need.

    ***A minimum of 5 monthly hours during 3 month is required.

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  9. Technical Assistance

    Technical Assistance (1 hour)


    Because technology is meant to serve you... and not the contrary...

    You do not want to waste time reading hundreds of pages of documentation for your new platform?

    You manage to handle most of the basic technical issues but you would appreciate a hand on particular points?

    You have no longer the patience to try to resolve your technical problems by yourself?

    Prices :

    - 1 hour of Skype phone call + screen sharing : 70 GBP

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  10. Free email quote

    Free email quote


    Consulting and Programming Services

    MQL4 - MQL5 - PRT - NinjaTrader - EasyLanguage - eSignal - JForex - IB

    You have a lot of ideas? Automated Trading will automate them for you!

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